Alpha ATROX is a line of rugged UPS power systems used worldwide in the most demanding environments where clean backup power is needed. Designed to perform in the most extreme demanding environments, Alpha ATROX ensure equipment in security, communications, traffic, industrial environments, and many other critical applications remains safe and protected from power disturbances. Thanks to its powerful programmable battery charger, the ATROX is capable of providing the runtime you need. Alpha ATROX provides clean uninterrupted backup power in a compact all-in-one IP44, keylocked and vandal resistant enclosure. ATROX comes along with cycle-proof, deep-discharge-proof and maintenance-free 10-12 design life GEL batteries.

Output Power 350, 650, 1100 and 2000 Watts
Protection Class IP44. Vandal Resistance Rate IK10
High flexibility through standard and customer specific configurations
Wide operating temperature range of -40 to 74°C (-40 to 165°F) suitable for the most extreme operating environments
emperature compensated battery charging protects batteries from over charging at extreme temperatures, extending the life of the battery
External communications via RS-232 port and optional Ethernet SNMP interface (standard for ATROX 350) provides local or remote monitoring and control
Pole- and Wall Mount Kit included - Ground Mount Kit optional

Alpha FXM

The Novus FXM UPS series provides backup power ideal for computer, telecommunications, traffic, manufacturing and security applications. The Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) offers power stability, reliability, and certainty during unpredictable environmental states and creates voltage equilibrium during varied power conditions. As well, the Novus FXM series of power modules are designed to instantly switch to emergency backup power during any utility power failures or interruptions. The standard input and output voltage is either 120VAC or 230VAC, with an optional 220VAC unit available.

Clean, uninterruptible backup power
Wide range Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) without going to batteries
Remote communications via RS-232 port or optional SNMP Ethernet interface
Six independently programmable control and report relays
Temperature-compensated programmable battery charger
Event and alarm logging with time/date stamping
Wide operating temperature range of -40 to 74°C

Micro Secure

The Micro Secure provides constant, reliable backup power for applications such as Security Cameras, Surveillance Systems, Small Key Systems, WiFi equipment and Outdoor Lighting. It comes in a NEMA 3R rated outdoor plastic enclosure for severe weather conditions. It can be wall mounted or pole mounted1 to allow positioning close to the load. The Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) provides power stability in unpredictable environments and constant voltage during varied power conditions. The Micro Secure is available in either North American (120VAC) or International (230VAC) variants, both with auto-frequency (60Hz/50Hz).> Durable outdoor NEMA 3R rated plastic enclosure protects the Novus Micro Secure from severe weather

Durable outdoor NEMA 3R rated plastic enclosure protects the Novus Micro Secure from severe weather
Wide range Automatic Voltage Regulation without going to batteries protects and extends battery life, even during periods of surge or sag in voltage from utility power
External communications via RS-232 port or (optional) SNMP Ethernet interface provides local or remote monitoring and control
Two independently programmable relays allow tracking and controlling of key functions
A wide operating temperature range of -40 to 74°C (-40 to 165°F)1 is suitable for the most extreme operating environments
Wall or pole mount

Solar WiFi Series

Alpha’s Solar WiFi Series provides portable, wireless power to Cisco’s Aironet 1500 Series outdoor mesh access point. These solar power systems’ (SPS) rugged design makes them ideal for being located in harsh, outdoor environments. These systems are an efficient source of energy for small loads compared to generators, and have temperature compensated PWM battery charging to extend battery life. The SPS is a lower cost solution compared to utility connection in locations where utility power is not available. The Solar WiFi Series includes integral lightning protection, code-compliant wiring and circuit protection. To minimize installation time and eliminate errors, these systems have pre-connectorized cables.

Portable, wireless power for wireless applications
Low voltage system can be installed by non-licensed technician
Pre-engineered and integrated for rapid and easy installation
Ideal for emergency, temporary or remote power
Designed for 7 day autonomy (cloudy weather periods)
Multiple mounting options: pad, pole, or wall

FlexNet™ MPS50-48C

Alpha’s FlexNet MPS50-48C multipurpose power supply platform provides primary and standby power for the Cisco Aironet 1500 Series Outdoor Mesh Network Access Point. Integrating the Cisco Wireless Mesh Networking solution with MPS50-48C standby battery power allows service providers to extend uninterrupted, reliable data and Wi-Fi broadband service to cities for public safety, municipal service, and city-wide Hot-Zone access. This unit provides 48VDC power, diagnostics and network management information to the Cisco Aironet 1500 Series. This power supply is suited for both North America and International Markets in a single unit.

Rugged outdoor wall or pole mount 48V DC UPS battery backup power supply
Aesthetically pleasing and minimizes presence in public locations
Preconnectorized cables reduce installation time and errors
Temperature compensated battery charging for optimum battery life
Optional battery heater provides extended runtimes in cold conditions
Local and remote status monitoring and reporting