Continuity 1500 plus - 1500 Watt

The POWERGEN Continuity 1500 + UPS-System, equipped with field-proven Digital Signal Processor, is the ideal UPS system for Servers, Networks, Storage, Telecommunications and Industrial Equipment. The Output Power Factor 1.0 (VA = Watts) and an ultra compact design makes the Continuity 1500 plus your first choice to protect small and medium loads in the IT und industrial environment.

VA = Watts: Output Powerfactor 1.0
Feature rich On-line UPS Series with rack / tower convertible design with rotating LCD panel enabling easy integration into a wide variety of applications and locations
Wide input power frequency and voltage window accommodates broad operating range for different working requirements
Advanced digital control technology achieves higher reliability and greater immunity from utility power problems
Emergency shutdown control through EPO complies with national safety regulations and local code
Programmable receptacles enable flexible power backup
Hot swappable battery allows replacement without interruption to critical loads
Runtime expansion through external unicase battery packs
Conti 6000

Continuity 1000 to 10.000

The POWERGEN Continuity Indoor 6K-10K /KPSeries with full-time Digital Signal Processor control technology is the perfect solution for mission critical users who demand high reliability, availability and performance from a UPS. Input power factor correction, high efficiency and parallel redundant capability provide a superior level of power quality for sensitive electronic equipment and computer loads.

From 1 to 10kVA
Also 3/1 phase for 10kVA (model KP)
Feature rich On-line UPS Series with superior output power factor, enabling energy efficient system performance
Simple parallel installation simplifies the setup of N+1 redundant systems
Up to 4 units working in parallel increases potential power output capacity
Smart ECO mode allows automatic transfer to inverter supply, maximizing efficiency
LCD / LED display panel provides user-friendly interface to UPS
Emergency shutdown control through EPO complies with national safety regulations and local code
Hot swappable battery allows replacement without interruption to critical loads
Conti 10000

Sentra XL from 1000 to 3000VA

The POWERGEN Sentra XL series, with extendable backup time capability, provides a compact, flexible form factor for many business applications involving critical file servers, network switches, hubs and small computers.

Highly efficient Line Interactive Sine Wave UPS with 0.9 output power factor
Optional external battery cabinets with "daisy-chainable" connections and dependable high rate charger provide extended backup and optimal runtime
Rack/tower convertible design with rotating LCD panel provides compact and flexible form factor
Advanced Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) lengthens battery life
Hot swappable battery function facilitates ease of maintenance
USB and RS232 interfaces, plus customer definable slot, provide additional communication flexibility
Sen BP Con BP 1000 to 3000


POWERGEN’s Tetrex is a microprocessor controlled, simulated sine wave, line interactive UPS featuring Auto Voltage Regulation (AVR) with single boost and buck. The AVR allows the UPS a wider input voltage power rating range that results in fewer transfers and extended battery life. All Alpha Tetrex models include graphical interface, user-friendly software capable of safe unattended PC shutdown and standard with telephone network and internet surge protection. Additional features include smart battery management, automatic frequency selection, smart communication and power management software. Product applications include personal computers, epos systems and entry level servers.

Advanced Buck and Boost Function for Automatic Voltage Regulation
USB Communication Interface
50/60Hz Auto Sensing
Fully digitised microprocessor controlled
Shut-Down Software for Windows and Novell

Pinnacle Plus

The POWERGEN Pinnacle Plus Series provides safe, clean and reliable power protection for computer, telecom and other mission critical equipment. The state of the art DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology of the Pinnacle Plus Series provides pure sine wave and zero transfer time backup power. Both RS-232 and USB ports are available to provide two-way communication to local workstations, servers and with the optional network SNMP interface card full network communications are available. Additional features include: Programmable Load Segmentation making it possible to save battery power for the most critical equipment, fax and modem surge protection, high efficiency mode, multiple language LCD display and (DC Power on) cold start. Advanced battery management, system diagnostics and user “hot swap” battery replacement capability ensures continous power availability.

True online technology provides total power protection
Pure sine wave output with less than 3% THD
Advanced Battery Management (ABM)
Automatic System Diagnostics
Programmable Load Segmentation (PLS)
Emergency Power Off function (EPO)
Extended Backup Times up to 8 hours at full load